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I am a Miami native, and have always loved the city for its unique architecture, culture, weather, and diversity of people. I studied my undergraduate degree at FIU, where I majored in Mathematical Science. I loved the problem solving aspect about being a math major, but always loved art and design, as well. While interning at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach; I explored the engineering route, as a summer intern, for the School of Industrial Engineering at FIU. I soon realized my passion was for Architecture! I completed my master’s degree at the University of Miami and began my career as an architect. On my spare time, I design and construct handbags. I learned to sew from an antique, swiss sewing machine that I inherited from my grandmother. I love to travel, and learn about the history of the city. I am a curious mind, and love to learn the process of how things are made or how they came to be in the present day.  

I enjoy design, art, watercolor painting, interior / furniture design, fashion design, problem solving  - but most of all helping people realize their dreams through creative, cost effective, and functional solutions for their everyday space. Architecture is the art we live in everyday. It changes the way we experience life!

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Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Architecture
2006 – 2009
Professional degree accredited by NCARB.
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mathematics
2000 – 2005
Minor in Psychology

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